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March 13, 2008

Allie’s Baseball Mitt

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Everyone of us have something of great value to us. It may be something pointless to others, but to us holds memories of our brighter days and better times. Some of these things serve as guide threw memory lane, in which we remember our childhood, our forgotten dreams, and revive our hopes. That one thing I consider dear to me was a baseball mitt that used to belong to my brother, Allie. My brother passed away from leukemia 3 years ago, and this baseball mitt is what keeps me remembering what an important person he was to me and the great times we shared. Allie’s baseball mitt had a dark brown color to it. It is in almost mint conditions, with the exception to a stain caused by some guy named Christopher who spilled juice on it. The mitt has poems written on green ink. It is kind of small on my hand because it used to belong to my brother, but I still take great care of it.

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  1.   bernardlovesmsp  Says:

    Good job remembering minor details like the green ink. The part about Christopher spilling juice and it being to small for Holden’s hand made it more realistic and really sounded like Holden was speaking.

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